Art & Illustrations

1 - Pastel

2 - Pastel & a few other mediums (hence the glare)

2.5 - Pastel & a few other mediums (hence the glare)

2.5 A (Edit: The following pictures were taken taken years later and though there is no glare, the details are harder to see :/ )

3 - Inks

4 - Pen, wood crayons on orange cardboard (slightly cropped image)

5 - Earth Mother

6 - Remember the Green

Expo at "Brasserie Belle Gueule", Montréal, 2003.
From left to right "Happy Hour 1", "Those they left behind"  & Happy Hour 2 (These are the original "Happy Hour" panels which later inspired my 1st Fanzine/mini-comic and which were bought by the bartender/barmaid on the night of the vernissage).

(Edit: Here is a picture, which was taken years later and through the glass, of "Those they left behind")

Three Cheers!!!

Vinyl sticker for a good friend of mine's Skeleton Sled.

"Those that Time Forgot" (water based medium)